Couple Delivering Telephone Books



A few years ago, an elderly Hispanic couple stopped by delivering telephone books to our building. That is, before the phone companies realized that nobody uses telephone books any more.

They were a very nice couple and I said hello and thanked them for the books. I was busy so I went back to what I was working on. Soon I felt a strong urge from the Holy Spirit to go catch up with them and share the gospel.

Hurriedly I rushed out to see if they were still on the property. Finally, I found them sitting in their pickup truck ready to drive away. I began to talk to them about the Lord and they seemed okay with that so I went over the gospel presentation with them and they both prayed to receive Christ.

So what is special about this encounter? Well, actually I had ignored an earlier prompting of the Spirit to share with them when they were at my office. Therefore the urging of the Holy Spirit was stronger because the couple were about to get away without hearing the gospel.

Since I speak Spanish and know how to present the gospel in Spanish, I was the one appointed at that moment to minister to this couple.

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Check out the Soul Winning Script in Spanish. My wife, who is marginal in her Spanish, read it to a boy in Mexico and led him to Christ!


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