Lady with the Furrowed Brow


How do you get a furrowed brow?Maybe you frown a lot or you contort your brow while grimacing as you experience great pain or sorrow.The furrow may remain as a deep wrinkle even if the pain has momentarily subsided.Such was the case of the lady with the furrowed brow.

She had come out to Palomino Park to get a bag of groceries from the Dream Center team there that Saturday morning to serve the community.

I met her as she was on the way in and gave her one of my tracts in Spanish.I told her that it was a very important message.She received it and proceeded to get her bag of groceries, but before she could get there I ran into her again.

Since there was only one of the team who could speak Spanish, I asked him to talk to her, thinking that he could pray with her to accept Christ if she hadnít already.I suggested various things to say to her, but he turned out not to be trained to lead people to Christ and didnít understand my cues.

So I took over and began my presentation.She shook her head and would not listen, much like the Lady in the Hood.Remembering how prayer was so effective with her, I asked her if there was something we could pray with her about.

There was.She had a son in prison in Mexico and was unable to communicate with him.In addition to that, she had been divorced and her ex husband had taken away all the children of that marriage and, I think, spirited them across the border.Her life basically was a disaster.Yes, she definitely wanted prayer!

We all prayed together and this time she was willing to hear the gospel and trust Christ as her Savior.Then, remarkably, the furrow in her brow began to disappear.At the same time, reflected in her eyes, you could see the peace of Jesus Christ flooding her soul.



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