Mexican Man Visiting Phoenix



A group of us from the church were out one Saturday morning in the so called “Greenway Square” in north Phoenix. It is a low income area dotted with old trailer courts and low rent apartments of various ages and conditions.  Many immigrants from Mexico live in the area.

We stopped in at one of the trailer courts and began knocking on doors and inviting people to church.  As we walked along the drive to the court, we met a man who turned out to be visiting from Mexico.

I approached him and introduced myself and began my normal gospel presentation.  He listened closely for a while, then he stopped me and asked me what church we were with. I told him a certain pentecostal church.

With that appeared the problem he was having in accepting the gospel.  His wife had been saved in a pentecostal church in Mexico and had dragged him to church more than once.

He had heard the gospel message, but there was a sticking point for him.  In that church there were few men, but mostly women, who at altar calls came forward and were seen by him kneeling and weeping.  It put him off. Not that he thought ill of the message.  It had to be a manly thing for him.

Once I realized that the women weeping at the altar was his only sticking point, I was able to deliver the gospel to him in a manly way (at least to the best of my ability).  Now that his stumbling block had been removed, he willingly believed and accepted Christ as his savior.

On reflection I can see how the Holy Spirit arranged for him to come up to the States and complete the process leading him to salvation.  And we just happened to run into him in the driveway of the trailer court!


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