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My wife with a family we led to Christ a few years ago in Mexico.   They sure got happy even though it was a cold, rainy day!

Worksheets to Accompany Discovering the Gospel

If you are using Discovering the Gospel as a course in your church or other ministry, the following worksheets can be used in a five or six week program meeting for an hour once a week.

Worksheet 1
Worksheet 2
Worksheet 3
Worksheet 4
Worksheet 5

The Cause (Continued)

Are you afraid to approach someone you don't know and present the gospel to him/her?  This is not really fear; it is stage fright, which is overcome by just going ahead knowing that you will have success.  I am not a naturally outgoing person, but I learned to be and so can you.

I learned how to approach people and present the plan of salvation through the gospel and I go out and just do it.  If you will be bold enough to go out no matter how you feel, the stage fright goes away as you see the changes in people being born again before your very eyes! 

It may be a shock to some, but the bible actually tells us how to be saved and also how to get other people saved.  We need to leave carnal methods of "evangelism," many of which are nothing more than schemes for getting people into churches.  While that is needed, it can't be our primary goal.  The primary objective is to get people saved either in or outside church walls.  The bible shows us how to do that.  Jesus commanded us to preach the gospel to the poor.  They will listen.

I am an active soul-winner in my church and have won several hundred people I did not know to Christ in the last three years using the biblical methods I am now making available to the Body of Christ.  Did I do this all by myself?  No.  God wants people saved way more than I do!  He is empowering the whole effort.  I think He is happy whenever He finds anyone willing to jump in and work in the harvest and backs them wholeheartedly.

If you don't believe me, just read the testimonies published on